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Certified translations French – German / German – French

As an officially appointed and duly sworn translator with the regional court of Nuremberg-Fürth for the French language, I certify translations of official documents, certificates, etc. which are often required by authorities or universities, e.g. for studying abroad or for immigration and emigration purposes.

The document to be translated can be forwarded by post or email, but please note that a quote can only be provided once the document has been received.

I provide certified translations of the following types of document:

  • Civil status
    Birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, registration certificate, certificate of no impediment, non-marriage certificate, criminal record, identity card, passport, certificate of naturalization, residence permit, visa, etc.
  • School, college, university
    Report, high school diploma, graduation certificate, certificate of achievement, grade report, etc.
  • Court
    Declaration in lieu of an oath, judgment, statement of claim, order of summary punishment, court order, enforcement order, temporary injunction, summons, etc.
  • Work, occupation and employment
    CV, cover letter, work contract, employment reference, certificate of employment, certificate of internship, training certificate, etc.
  • Finance
    Tax assessment, bank statement, salary statement, etc.
  • Police
    Criminal charge, testimony, etc.
  • Notary
    Property purchase agreement, will & testament, contract of inheritance, certificate of inheritance, power of attorney, marriage contract, declaration of parental custody, etc.
  • Freight, customs and vehicle documents
    Driver's license, vehicle registration certificate, proof of ownership document, movement certificate, carnet, bill of lading, etc.
  • Insurance
    Notice of pension entitlement, insurance policy, etc.
  • Business documents
    Commercial register excerpt, statutes